Dijagnostička važnost troponina u akutnom infarktu miokarda

1 Admir Dilberović
2 Ana Stanić

1 Department of Transfusion Medicine, Dubrovnik General Hospital, Republic of Croatia
2 Department of Laboratory Diagnostics, Dubrovnik General Hospital, Republic of Croatia

Introduction: Laboratory tests of cardiac markers are a standard component in the diagnosis and treatment of myocardial infarction. Cardiac troponin is widely regarded as the marker  with the highest diagnostic specificity for confirming a diagnosis of myocardial infarction.

Aim: The aim of this study is to establish the diagnostic significance of troponin and to illustrate the kinetics of troponin concentration increase within 24 hours of hospitalization. Additionally, we aim to investigate the reliability of troponin determination within the first 3 hours after the onset of chest pain.

Materials and methods: This retrospective study was conducted using medical archive data from 50 patients hospitalized in the Department of Cardiology at Dubrovnik General Hospital.  The patients’ ages ranged from 44 to 85 years. The inclusion criterion was medical documentation confirming myocardial infarction based on clinical symptoms and other  diagnostic procedures. Sample analysis was conducted at the Department of Laboratory Diagnostics using the immunochemical analyzer Architect i2000SR from Abbott (Illinois, USA).

Results: A statistically significant difference was observed between patients analyzed within 3 hours from the onset of chest pain and those analyzed more than 3 hours after the onset of  chest pain. All patients analyzed more than 3 hours after exhibited elevated troponin levels. Additionally, we monitored the dynamics of troponin elevation within the first 24 hours of  hospitalization.

Conclusion: This study underscores the necessity of using troponin analysis in a correct way to justify its status as a gold standard for diagnosing myocardial infarction, suggesting  patients should be analyzed after at least 4 hours from the onset of chest pain.

Keywords: laboratory tests, myocardial infarction, troponin