Availability and Clinical Use of Different In-Shoe Devices for Partial Weight Bearing – A Systematic Review

1 Petra Josipović
1 Medical Faculty in Ljubljana Fizio Tech d.o.o, Croatia



Introduction: Physiotherapists use different methods such as tactile feedback, scales and biofeedback to teach patients applying the partial weight bearing in­structions. Biofeedback systems are more effective and objective method than usage of conventional bath­room scales in training patients to comply with weight-bearing limitations.
Aim: The current review will focus on the availability and clinical use of biofeedback in-shoe device in pa­tients with prescribed PWB.
Methods: A literature search was performed using the following keywords: partial weight bearing, biofeed­back in-shoe device and surgery. Five databases were searched appropriate for screening (PubMed, PEDro, Google Scholar, Clinicaltrials.gov and ScienceDirect).
Results: Filtration strategy was used in a literature search. 15 sources were selected for final analysis. Qual­itative analytical approach was used in data processing.
Conclusion: Biofeedback systems have been more ef­patients to comply with weight-bearing limitations. With additional randomised controlled trials, biofeed­back devices may very well become a part of the main­stay of clinical practice in orthopaedic partial weight-bearing patients.

Keywords: Weight bearing, partial pressure, feedback sen­sory, foot orthoses, rehabilitation